Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chicken Parmesan (& it's not bad for you either!)

So I am constantly trying to turn fattening recipes into something a bit better for bikini season (and I LOVE pastas and cheese so that can be difficult @ times). Chicken Parmesan is one of my favorite meals, but with all those noodles and fried-ness (my new word) it doesn't exactly keep the junk from the trunk. After searching through Cooking Light magazine, I found a recipe that only had about a BILLION grams of fat in it. Cooking LIGHT!!! Come on people!! Well, I took the "lighter" version and took it a step further to create one of our favorites since we got married.

Serving Size: 4 peeps, or two fat men
Get your favorite version of these things, and add 4 egg whites in a dish to the side.
1) 4 egg whites (2 whole eggs if you aren't watching your waste)
2) about a pound of boneless skinless chicken tenders
3) fresh basil (skip it if you only have the dry version ... yuck)
4) italian style bread crumbs (panko for more crunch & a few more calories)
stick the chickens in the baby chickens.....i'm terrible at avoiding a drizzle of yoke :(
coat them in the bread crumbs top and bottom
then cook them in light cooking spray (or extra virgin olive oil) on medium to low heat to avoid burning the crumbs before the meat is cooked through. This is a grill pan from Williams Sonoma (AND I LOVE IT)
Once it looks golden brown, move your little chickens to a casserole dish coated lightly with spray

top with spaghetti sauce...don't get too happy with it though, Mozzerella cheese (2% milk for less fat), and fresh basil leaves on each tender
bake on 375 for 15 minutes then serve with some angel hair pasta with a bit of hot spaghetti sauce on it before placing the tenders on top. Since we left that part out for ours, we added some squash and okra instead. My dad's had the pasta though, and it looked GOOOOD

Goodnight! Just finished making my little container for my bedside table. It turned out pretty cute I think. I'll slap that on here tomorrow.

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