Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas .... & a possible move?

My Christmas was amazing this year. We had such a fun time with our families and enjoyed the time off of both jobs. I am so incredibly blessed to have the jobs that I have, but I can get pretty exhausting working such long hours. Christmas gave me such amazing rest & quiet time to spend doing the things that matter most. My Mr, however, was a bit M.I.A for things once we got closer to the 25th.....

Here he is setting up our tree. He always does such an amazing job and spends so much time doing my silly traditions with me. I'm so blessed to have him as my friend.

Shortly after we set up the house, his brother called to tell us he was engaged! Not only engaged, but getting hitched on the 16th. Needless to say we took a very LONG trip to Austin, Tx in the car with Joey's family & wouldn't have traded it for the world! I took their photos (you can see there here) and we had an absolute blast. I only wish we could have stayed longer.

We squeezed in all 100 of our "traditional" Christmas movies & even managed to pull a Turkey out of the oven for our family Christmas dinner. It was tough squeezing it all in this year for some reason, but we survived. I definitely know to plan better next year.

After the holidays, we headed to Seaside to celebrate New Year's Eve. We were so excited to finally head back to the beach. We truly love every minute of being there and while we thought it would be chilly, the 77 degree weather didnt hurt our love for the place at all! Just gorgeous!

I have been so hard at work on the new website, I haven't had much time for anything else. I am SO happy to say that it is FINALLY live. There are a few kinks to work out, but for the most part I'm pretty happy with it. Here is a screen shot from my work computer.
Oh, one little tiny thing I left out. MY HUSBAND BOUGHT ME A CAR FOR CHRISTMAS. I've had a hard past 8 months, so you dont mind if I brag a little do you? He really blesses me beyond belief and I can't imagine what I did to deserve his selflesness. HE neede a new car, not me. He sold his to get something a little larger for the family days we hope to have in the future, & bought me something instead. I dont deserve him. Not one ounce. This is why he was so scatterbrained and late to everything when Christmas got close. He was hiding a car! haha. Love that guy.

I keep a blog for my business here & have been struggling to keep that one AND this one active. I used to keep the two seperate, but now I am sharing a little of my life to my clients on the blog. I share much much more with you all, and I love doing it, but I am thinking of keeping it all over there to allow myself more time living and less time blogging. Thoughts? I hate to move it, but then again maybe I could be a bit more transparent for clients & keep my relationship with you all also. Something to think about I suppose.

I hope your Christmas and New Years were wonderful. We are so thankful for a Savior who was born to die a death we deserve. We serve a mighty God Xx

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I want I want I want.......

The Mr. and I have been going through quite the storm, and I have been a bit lax on my blog duties - so for that I apologize. Just keep us in your prayers and we will be sure and do the same for you all.

Now, my annual what I want if I could have something ridiculous moment.

My sweet father in law bought me a bike a few years back. We don't ride bikes. They sit in our garage. We talk about riding bikes often. That's about as far as it goes - talk.

My sister's boyfriend recently designed his own bike online & while searching for something cute for my sister in law's new apartment for Christmas, I stumbled upon the amazing  bikes they have these days @ Urban Outfitters. Design your own bike! YES! I can make it as silly as I'd like - from the handle bar colors to the tires! My favorite two designs so far are these.......

I can't decide.....I probably will never have to. But for a short $399.00 I can make that very decision. That, and the decision to get on a bike and actually utilize the things I've been given. But that's another post.

Love you guys! I hope your Thanksgiving was full of yummy food and precious time with your friends and family


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Time to catch up

As I have promised, I will update this & get back to it........Our world has been spinning pretty quickly over the last few months. We are in a bit of a prayer fast for both those we love and for our own situations. The Lord has been beyond good to us, and we are seeking His will in a few decisions, so if you think to stop and say a quick prayer for us, we would certainly appreciate it.

Now for the catch up time.......

Football season came, and our little booger next door welcomed it with a new jersey. Football season is one of our favorite times as neighbors bc Saturdays are full of the outdoors, cornhole, a happy baby, and lots and lots of food. This guy seems to have enjoyed his first "active" season on duty as an Auburn fan.

We even got a chance to head to the plains for the Miss State game. It was burning up but WONDERFUL to get away. We even sat next to a pro photo bomber (aka Virginia)
Our good friend Michael had his 3oth birthday. There is nothing better than being in a room full of sweet people that we love dearly. They really do make our lives better for knowing them all.
And Halloween was a super special treat since me and rainbow bright (aspyn of course) had the honor of helping Blake with his first true Trick Or Treat! He was the Chick Fil A cow and was the best dressed in the nieghborhood. No one could have made a cuter cow.

Now it's time for Thanksgiving and the Holidays. Photography will slow down and I'll have a bit more time to keep this poor neglected blog up to date. If you haven't purchased your Holiday Cards this year, please keep my friend Cana Grooms in mind. She has some beautiful designs featured on my business' blog & the 10th order placed that mentions sunnyJONESphotography will get their first 25 free! Let me know via email if you'd like to place an order.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Phase one....

And so phase one begins......

Joey has promised me that we will put curtains up FOR GOOD in the house next month (minus the guest bedrooms - they keep IKEA for a bit). This totals to be 10 panels, one extremely long rod, and 2 regulars. OUCH. It's definitely time though, so onward we march :)

To something similar to this in the dining room I hope. One long rod over two. I think it adds so much to a room - especially a dining room).

And while he's feeling handy, maybe just MAYBE we can get him to bust out the paint clothes and give me something in this shade of grey. If he gets tired, he can just keep to the bedroom and bathroom for now. I'll understand.

But if he REALLY loves me - and something tells me my dad would love me enough (inserted for effect/guilt/you name it) he would build me bookshelves like these on the left side of our mantle.

Next stop? Couch, rug, coffee table, & putting one of my mother's handy "hide the huge tv" practices into place. Wish me luck (and pray I find a money tree in the backyard).


images via:
the inspired room
benjamin moore

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pork Tenderloin

Well, each and every pretty flower and herb I planted in the garden has died - imagine that. My brown thumb is KILLING me. The one and only survivor (and I completely blame the heat) was my rosemary. I have so much rosemary I could never run out if I tried (that is, if it lives). I decided to be resourceful and make something new, which led me to pull out every single cookbook I own. I cam across this recipe from Ina Garten & was immediately sold when I read "fresh rosemary" .... YES! I HAVE THAT!

It was a huge success! Pork Tenderloin usually comes bundled with 2 or 3 pieces, and half a piece was plenty for the mr and I. I lied and told him the rest was for Bible Studu this week, and now that he hasnt been "able" to touch it, we've had it again and STILL have some left for lunches - go me!

Pair this with a side of rice and veggies and you have a great, healthy dinner. Yum (ps: sorry this is about 8 months overdue)

1 lemon, zest grated
3/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (4 to 6 lemons)
Good olive oil
2 tablespoons minced garlic (6 cloves)
1 1/2 tablespoons minced fresh rosemary leaves
1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme leaves
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
Kosher salt
3 pork tenderloins (about 1 pound each)
Freshly ground black pepper

Combine everything (other than the pork and 2 extra sprigs of rosemary) in a dish. Submerge (ooooo big word, sunny) the pork into a dish to marinade overnight. Ina said (and I did since I couldnt wait 24 hours) that 3 hours will work in the fridge if needed. Next time I'll be good and let is sit overnight, but I was anxious to try it! Start your grill and let them cook about 15-25 minutes, flipping a few times. Once you've flipped yor last time, plop the extra rosemary and marinade drippings and let cook about 7 more minutes. You will be a hero in your house.....until your people get hungry again that is. Enjoy Xx

Monday, August 29, 2011

Thank You

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!His faithful love endures forever." -Ps 118:1

This verse has been running through my mind all day. I have so much to worry about. So much to think really hard over. Even more to fear, but for each of those thoughts, worries, & fears are blessings that outnumber them all. I am so thankful for so much! For starters, I have a God who sent His ONE AND ONLY son to die a horrible death just to allow me to spend eternity with Him. WOW. He takes on every one of those nasty things so that I can go through my days without them. Jesus is truly my best friend and I am so incredibly thankful for Him each and every day. Other things I'm thankful for? Well, I have a job that I absolutely adore. I experience new brides, families, firstborns, all of it! AND I get paid to do it. I'm sorry, but that makes my job something to be thankful for I'd say. I only have it b/c the Lord allows it. And I hope to glorify Him every step of the way. We are commanded to use whatever gifts He's given us to better His Kingdom and I should remember - that means picture too

Over the last year, I've also been blessed to be a part of these girls' lives. Pursuit 31 is a group by Karen Stott (amazing photog btw) who felt that the Lord wanted her to bless other photographers starting out as well. She is more than a mentor, business owner, or entrenpreneur.....she is a wife, mother, follower of Christ, & friend.

Ah, the most unexpected of all .... my neighbors! We moved in to our first home last year this time and now I can't remember not knowing the three of them. God really went the extra mile there. I mean, who vacations with their neighbors? WE DO

Another thing I'm thankful for today? My sister. How does someone love me so much? How did I end up with someone like her when I know I could never have been that for a younger sister myself. She may not ever have kids (darn NYker) but she has me and she's been a pretty incredibly mother figure if you ask me - the kind that lets you have wine when you're 19 and takes you to rated R movies at 15.

Amanda comes with 2 parents. Oh my mom and dad. Could I ever find anything to be more thankful about? So many people have so many struggles within their immediate families, and Joey and I were both blessed enough to not only grow up in un-broken homes, but to see our parents just as in love today as they were when they were our age. Just bliss!

MY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO thankful for my people. My Mr (you've seen him a lot) & Aspyn (i KNOW you recognize her). They both are responsible for a bit of the stress mentioned in the beginning, but they are also responsible for a HUGE part of the blessings in my life too. They will both quickly point out that that makes the bad totally excuseable. And well, I agree.

BLAKE!!!!!!! My neighbors' son Blake is my little nephew in love. We moved in when he was almost one month old and he has our entire hearts. It's fun loving on a baby like he's your own, then handing him back to his parents when he gets fussy. Just splendid

Sunday, August 28, 2011

something new for everyone

Oh the excitement!! Mom and Dad are about to break ground on their new home (only 5 minutes away btw....WOOP). We are SO incredibly excited about having them closer to us & even more thrilled for them as this has been a LONG time waiting. The home was already a stunning plan done by Signature Homes, but with a daddy that's an architect, they took something good and made it breath-taking! Mr Jones & I headed out to the neighborhood today to see the "sold" sign and share in my parents' excitement. Think about it, in 3 months we'll have the opportunity to steal from their fridge again......AND to lose all of our furniture (she'll want most of it back I'm sure).....DRATS
SO, since she will be taking her coffee table first, I've decided to re-vamp the entire living room to make it a bit more cozy. Joey and I found this little gem @ At Home this weekend and stuck it in the trunk to take home. Finally! A spot to hold my pretty books and magazines - & Mr. Jones'  condensation - drenched glasses he leaves around the house. Bring on the windex! 

HAPPY SUNDAY! We are so thankful for the many blessings we have and can't wait to see what the next few months hold. 
Ps 37:4 // Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart