Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Never Have I Ever......

Never have I ever seen more rooms @ one time featured on another blog that I liked as much as THESE! Thanks to A Life's Design for giving me these gorgeous images to share with you.

This bedroom completes me! Where do I start? The ceiling? The chandelier? It is elegant & feminine, yet my husband would love it as well bc it has a sense on masculinity as well. Woe is me

Just as great! For some reason, blue is a passion of mine, especially in this shade. Any way to pop that in without adding too much (Joey would protest after a crossed "the line") And I'm sorry but how aweseom is the painting above the mantel? Stunning.

I wouldn't mind getting ready for work each day in a place like this...not one little bit
Lamp only, please
Happy day for me so far....
1) eating at Olive Garden (classy? nope, great decor? nope, good vibe? nope, little dance in my tummy? WHY YES!)
2) Going to see a movie (we are on a roll and I'm loving these date nights)
4) more money towards our first home
Good thing it's a happy day since I work out of town for the next three...that part puts a slight damper in my happiness


Punctuation Mark said...

i've always wanted a canopy bed but i don't have high ceilings... it would look small other wise

Dandelion and Grey said...

Congrats on your RAISE! Exciting! Lovely images..the blue couch at the end of the bed has me swooning!

Sunny Jones said...

We are in an apartment so our ceilings definately wouldn't suffice! Hoping for our first home within a year, so the raise was a help. Thank you.
Isn't it fun to dream though?