Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's official!

Fall arrived yesterday. Can I tell? Not even a teeny tiny bit. I
despise winter, and I'm not fond of the extreme heat either. I
am MOST content however, in the spring and fall. The only
problem with Alabama is that those "seasons" last ummm about
2 weeks if we're lucky. Shopping & browsing lately has gotten
me excited about embracing the fall with a few of my usual
staples & even made me
consider branching out to a few more things this time around.
as usual, my fingerless gloves from Amanda will be making an appearance. I'm not quite sure where in NY she got them, but I wish I had about 30 pair.
and for sat/sunday dress? why one of my million boyfriend tees. They certainly make being "sloppy" a little cuter in my opinion.
& meet my face obsession. . . Laura Mercier foaming cleanser. I have DRY skin, always have, and winters are especially harsh to my face. I recently discovered this little bottle & quickly realized
it would be playing an important role in my winter face washing routine.

And after a bit of a hunt, my blazer collection is complete. I found this cutie pie @ JCrew and am happy to say that navy can be checked off the list. black, grey, creme, and navy should hold me over this winter.

& maybe one last thing on my wish list. This scarf also from JCrew caught my eye. I also spotted one at Banana Republic that would do the trick. Something not too heavy, but not solid. I have every solid color in the world, I'm ready for a little plaid.

Yay for things like roasting marshmellows, hot coco, & cuddling on the couch. Now if we could only get rid of this whole "90 degrees in late September thing".......

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