Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting Prepared

Aspyn has been helping us get the house ready for an engagement party we're throwing for some sweet friends next month....

First on her agenda? Welcoming committee of course!
Showing me that maybe the plunge should be made in the curtain department....at about 200 a panel it isn't going to be fun (I thought tall ceilings and high windows was a plus)
She'll tell everyone goodbye when they leave, thanking them for coming and insisting that they come again
And hopefully we'll find a way to clean things up and get back to taking our time with the rest. I love that an event is speeding the house "project" along, but at the same time I am all about taking our time and saving some money while we're at it for the fun things in life.

Speaking of cleaning, this is what I came home to after a wedding shoot recently.....
I knew immediately that either someone died or Mr Jones was surprising me with dinner. Thank goodness Jamie Cullum playing our wedding music loud and clear signaled to me that it was, in fact, the latter.