Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lime Shrimp Tacos

Well, as every one knows, I love shrimp. Why not mix my love for my mexican looking husband with my love for squigglies of the sea?

Get these things together, and get ready for a yummy dinner with someone else, or eat it all for yourself. I won't tell....

*2 garlic cloves crushed
*buy some fresh shrimp @ the deli (I get about 3/4 pound for the two of us)
*juice of one to two limes
*zest the skin of half a lime
*finely chop fresh tomato
*chop fresh avocado
*boil 2 corn stalks and use a knife to remove the corn and place in a side dish
*salt & pepper (im so tempted to put a reference to the band here, but I digress)
*soft taco shells
*shredded lettuce

sauté your shrimp until pink in olive oil and lemon juice after softening your garlic for a minute or so. Don't burn your garlic!!!!
Serve with a slice of lime for extra flavor. Add toppings as you like. Enjoy

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