Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let me begin this post with a quick "shout out" to my MIL.....


Now, becomming a wifey has brought out a few things in me.

For starters, I love to cook even more than before. Curtains are things I spend my money on rather than a new dress for Friday. I LOVE things like movie nights and scrabble, & I often pick out things for a child I dont have, and am not attempting to have at the moment......

I can NOT explain why I like to, but it is probably similar to my husband searching for his next 7 series BMW or our first lake house....haha

So after seeing my friend's new nursery, I decided to decorate one of my own through a little internet browsing. Because my imaginary baby has no sex, I decided to keep things neutral (imagine that)

I saw this and loved it. Well, most of it. It is such a peaceful picture isn't it?

& I AM OBSSESSED with this bedding. It looks like it would be so super duper soft.

A little modern for me, but still kinda dig this lighting as an alternative to a mobile

& the dorky chic romantic in me finds this to be pretty sweet as well..... a little fru fru for me, but close.

This has definitely been on a post in the past. Not sure when, but I remember it. I liked it then and I like it now.... however, I'm thinking this imaginary baby has ZERO personality since everything I like lacks color

Happy Hump Day Xx


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