Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend @ The Joneses

So Easter was definitely a success @ our house. I will forever see it as the "month I got my groove back" ... yup, I went there. With the stress of housewife, 2 jobs, & being a friend all at once, I began to lose it. My neighbors were kind and promised that they would help Joey see that I end up in a "classy" mental institution, but I figured I'd give it one last whirl before totally going bonkers.

Something clicked. I started to relax. I stopped trying to do everything before bed. I hired a sweet lady who will clean twice a month, set an editing limit for each night, & promised myself that I would watch a movie once a week and just "sit" outside with no phone/email/nothing & just look @ what Jesus made.

Somehow it worked....and it all started with the Easter gifts for the Mr....

I bought an air mattress & sleeping bags and made a huge pallet in the living room. Homemade Ice Cream sandwiches, my husband, and my dog all cuddled up in front of the big TV. And to top it all off? We watched Father Of The Bride. Talk about a good night in! Did I mention I did ZERO editing? Didn't even do the dishes (I know, I'm wild).
& how could you NOT sit outside and take THIS all in? Sheesh he's a looker..
& now with the help of high school girls driving down highway 280 he knows it. Let this be a warning little girls, he's MARRIED so stop honking @ my hunk!
Yes. I caved. I lost the battle. I held up the white flag. He got "the car" he's wanted. You know, the kind most wait until they're balding in their 40s for. His rationalization was that kids will be next and he'll never have a chance again. Somewhere between our non-existant child's pre-school & leaving for college I caved. 

Mom helped us plant flowers in the front yard. Notice the gap? That's where another lavender goes. Why haven't I stopped for one yet? HELLO! I said I'm relaxing now. I totally let these things go now (it's driving me INSANE so I will fix this tomorrow). Dont ask me what everything else is. It was my first time with a shovel and I decided it's not my thing about 3 minutes in. 
A drive-in movie with my parents topped it all off. Im sorry but the men in my life are just beautiful aren't they? I love my daddy
& my mom for being fabulous even @ a drive-in. They may have been mosquito bitten feet but they looked cute in their tori burches. 
Aspyn packed our lunches. She thought it was fabulous until about 30 minutes in. Then she decided that movies aren't her thing......we learned a lot this weekend.
& her? Well Mandy was one of the models I shot this weekend for a fun girl's outing. Thanks to my sweet friend Haley for having me along. It was a blast.
No, we dont hate the Jones side....we had a FABULOUS Easter lunch with them after church Sunday. My little camera has the photos and I will share them later this week with you all. It was the perfect weekend with gorgeous weather all to help us celebrate perfection becoming man to bear the sins of the entire Earth just so we could experience perfection one day ourselves. Wow! Christ is risen.

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Will and Jana said...

LOVED this post! Everything about it. Sometimes sitting outside and soaking it in is the best medicine! Love you Sunny!