Monday, August 29, 2011

Thank You

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!His faithful love endures forever." -Ps 118:1

This verse has been running through my mind all day. I have so much to worry about. So much to think really hard over. Even more to fear, but for each of those thoughts, worries, & fears are blessings that outnumber them all. I am so thankful for so much! For starters, I have a God who sent His ONE AND ONLY son to die a horrible death just to allow me to spend eternity with Him. WOW. He takes on every one of those nasty things so that I can go through my days without them. Jesus is truly my best friend and I am so incredibly thankful for Him each and every day. Other things I'm thankful for? Well, I have a job that I absolutely adore. I experience new brides, families, firstborns, all of it! AND I get paid to do it. I'm sorry, but that makes my job something to be thankful for I'd say. I only have it b/c the Lord allows it. And I hope to glorify Him every step of the way. We are commanded to use whatever gifts He's given us to better His Kingdom and I should remember - that means picture too

Over the last year, I've also been blessed to be a part of these girls' lives. Pursuit 31 is a group by Karen Stott (amazing photog btw) who felt that the Lord wanted her to bless other photographers starting out as well. She is more than a mentor, business owner, or entrenpreneur.....she is a wife, mother, follower of Christ, & friend.

Ah, the most unexpected of all .... my neighbors! We moved in to our first home last year this time and now I can't remember not knowing the three of them. God really went the extra mile there. I mean, who vacations with their neighbors? WE DO

Another thing I'm thankful for today? My sister. How does someone love me so much? How did I end up with someone like her when I know I could never have been that for a younger sister myself. She may not ever have kids (darn NYker) but she has me and she's been a pretty incredibly mother figure if you ask me - the kind that lets you have wine when you're 19 and takes you to rated R movies at 15.

Amanda comes with 2 parents. Oh my mom and dad. Could I ever find anything to be more thankful about? So many people have so many struggles within their immediate families, and Joey and I were both blessed enough to not only grow up in un-broken homes, but to see our parents just as in love today as they were when they were our age. Just bliss!

MY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO thankful for my people. My Mr (you've seen him a lot) & Aspyn (i KNOW you recognize her). They both are responsible for a bit of the stress mentioned in the beginning, but they are also responsible for a HUGE part of the blessings in my life too. They will both quickly point out that that makes the bad totally excuseable. And well, I agree.

BLAKE!!!!!!! My neighbors' son Blake is my little nephew in love. We moved in when he was almost one month old and he has our entire hearts. It's fun loving on a baby like he's your own, then handing him back to his parents when he gets fussy. Just splendid

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