Sunday, November 15, 2009

The best day of my life....

In order to understand me as a person, you'd have to meet my wonderful husband, Joey. My life has been through so many highs and lows, but throughout those changes I had a Savior and family that kept a constant in my life that proved to be an amazing journey that set me toward the path that only Christ can provide. Once I was satisfied with the life God had given me, and with my relationship with Him, He introduced me to the man who would become my best friend, my husband, & my family. I would never call our love something that was "At sight" even though I think (as is pretty obvious) that he's a pretty darn good looking man! We had already had that "first sight" in middle school, then high school, and finally a college party, but no fireworks went off for us. Joey was shy, and I had sworn off men so that was not the right time :) ...... We decided after a few run ins that we would try out a trial run friendship and leave it at that, but Joey seemed to be pursuing it a bit further than I was. After a weekend long beach trip, I realized something scary....I MISS THIS GUY! Needless to say, we were engaged less than a year later, and married August 22, 2009. Life has been an amazing journey with him so far, and that day truly was the best of my life! The night of the dress rehearsal, my little cousin had the stomach flu, and after eating a bite of cake at our reception, I quickly realized I'd caught it! I was relieved to know my nausea wasn't just anxiety from getting married, but bummed once we took a limo to Atlanta (i threw up the ENTIRE TIME) and realized we needed to go back to bham and post pone our honeymoon a few days. It all worked out amazingly, and we have a prety fun story to tell our kids one day, but Joey definately proved to me what a good decision I'd made in marrying him through it all. He was so amazing with a puking bride and made the next few days just as special as the ones on the beaches in Mexico.

This was after seeing each other for the very first time. It was such a special moment in my life. I have this part of that day frozen in my mind, and will always remember every tiny detail of it.
I LOVE this one! You can see my tattoo with his signature on my wrist :)

The home we were married at. Mr and Mrs House are such a blessing in our lives and their generosity helped make the wedding a true fairytale :) ..... Thanks guys! We love you both!

Sunnie Leigh and Kim Swafford did the flowers and they were just as I'd imagined. Check them out at

My beautiful gown! I took FOREVER finding this one, but it was just what I'd imagined in the end

My two AMAZING MEN! how handsome are they??
Joey getting dressed! He looked so incredibly HANDSOME/SEXY/you name it....

Joey and his groomsmen! such sweet boys/men

and me with my bridesmaids! my sister is on the very right! she and my mom planned that entire day! i love them so much!!!!!

My amazing family!

My new family......the bigger the better :)

right before we saw each other for the first time! then the tears began....i was saying "I CAN SEEE YOOOUUUUUU:)"

It rained EVERY DAY for 2 weeks up until this was clear as anything, not to mention the humidity was completely down! It was 72 degrees on an August night. God really answered some prayers with the weather that night. Mom kept telling us she'd talked to God and that "He promised it wouldnt rain"...we joked at her for it, but look at that sky! It was like something out of a movie!

first communion as husband and wife

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Keith Jones

running through the sparklers before leaving....i was super sick at this point and this run took about everything in me...

I didnt end up going to the after party, didn't even wear my cute "goodbye" dress....i put on my holey jeans, and grabbed a wet rag between bathroom visits.....ugh! this part of the night did NOT = fun

What a blessing and what fun memories! I love looking back on this amazing day and I love being Mrs. Jones :)

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