Monday, November 16, 2009

my siblings.....

I never realized just how much I'd lucked out with my big sister Amanda, until I got older and came to the understanding that she wasn't my sister, but my best friend! She and I are polar oposites, but somehow we really are just what the other needs at times to feel "home." Growing up, she always found time to pick on me, but honestly, those times were far and few between. She treated me more like her little baby doll and she always took god care of me. When I was little she never left me out. When I was the awkward 11 year old with the gorgeous big sister (she was and is so beautiful) she would let me borrow her brand new clothes (which my tubby self most likely stretched out) and would do my makeup or fix my hair. She really wanted me to feel good about myself and that meant the world to me! Throughout the wedding, she was the maid of honor that most girls dream of having. She picked our bridesmaid dresses down to the style and color for each girl (since they were different) & came home a month early to help get everything in order for my big day! I could write for years on what she did on that day alone, but the point is, she rocks! Not only is she a good big sis, but her and a friend started a personal shopping business that has landed them in countless magazines, most recently, Harper's Bazaar (This is the second time for that one). Check out her site at

Now that I've married Joey I have another sister and my first big brother :) Jamie is 19 and honestly more mature than i hope to be in 5 years! she is not only grogeous, but she gives me a run for my money in sarcasm. She's quiet at first, but then you realize she isn't quiet at all! She would kick a butch biker woman's butt for me, and well, I like that ;) Joshua is just about the coolest guy you've ever met. He makes me laugh my butt off every time I'm around him and has an effortless way of making everyone in the room feel comfortable enough to be themselves regardless of how long they've known him. Joey's face lights up when he gets to talk to "dot doe" so he calls him, and well, I'm ready for both him and Amanda to move home and have slumber parties with me jamie and joey!!!! i am so blesed!

This is Joshua....he was my bud during the rehearsal diner, and gave a great toast to Joey and I. It was such a special night! I would re-live it in an instant!

Junie Butt Rag - or Jamie...don't let that sweet smile fool you
Me and Amanda....this sums us up perfectly

Jamie goofing off with her momma while we went weding dress shopping

how cool is my big sis? Dior spread in Bazaar.....i don't read it, but Grace Kelly did, so we can pretty much assume that had she lived, she would have totally ben checking out my big sis in her monthly mag! it!

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