Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a better way to say "hello!"

I have a very small foyer area in our apartment that has been neglected since we moved in August. First, I couldnt find the right table, so the hunt was on. Now my fabulous mother has lent me one of her iron tables from Richard Tubbs in Birmingham until I find the perfect one I'm looking for. My mom rocks by the way....So now that I have the perfect table for the space, and a new lamp she got me from Restoration Hardware, but I have no clue what to do next. She's busy moving right now so I'm stuck staring at it all wondering what to do next. I grew up under the wings of an architect, interior designer, and clothing designer. I am able to tell you if something is a success or not in all three departments, but that's where the line is drawn. I have NO CLUE how to reach that point from scratch which can be really frustrating! So to the magazine and blogs to get a little inspiration & do some day dreaming of the things I may have to wait some time to ever acquire.

I found this on the blog Blue Hydrangea through our wedding photographer's wife, Paula who has this amazing blog herself! I LOVE looking at it daily because everything she spots and posts is exactly my taste! Such a fun way to get through a boring day ... thanks Paula
This foyer was found
here where there were about a billion other things I could oogle over all day long
On the same website, I was able to find only a few TON more things to fall in love with for my space........oh, just wait until you see what I have to work with, then you'll realize how silly I am for even dreaming

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this table...not a fan of everything else, but obsessed with having a table just like this now. I love distressed wood

This table looks pretty darn close to the one i'm working with.....not a fan of the orchids as much as hydrangeas, but we're getting there. I could even do the benches, but what purpose do those ever serve? Is there one?

I love just about everything about this photo....gorgeous

The problem is a small one bedroom apartment wouldn't look even close to these with the actual furniture, much less what I have to work with. So, with that is the table and lamp, and just about nothing else :( I would like a great rug to go here as well to cover the majority of the laminate floor in the entry (insert "ewww" here...).

and now I'm depressed.......such a sad sad sight to see. I'll post the finished product and hold my head a bit higher, and shorter on cash most likely..

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