Wednesday, January 6, 2010


After 2010 rolled around, I realzed how far Joey & I have come, and began to think of all the other things we have to look forward to. Our first house, job promotions, children, vacation adventures, & the unexpected things that God throws our way to make our love that much more exciting & amazing than the day before. I got to thinking about everything we have been through and the adventures we have taken together, & I decided to go back & find the very first photo I have of the two of us from June of 2007......
We were handing out for the first time at one of my friend's houses in Auburn (which happened to be in his neighborhood). He'd kill me for this, but the truth is, I didn't want him to come. He was adorable (LOOK AT HIM :) ..) and I had just ended a long hard relationship, so I wasn't up for any more boys for a while. This one was persistant! He didnt give up and any chance to hang out with me, he was there...I guess it started to get to me. I remember this night I kept catching him stare at me and I couldn't decide if it was sweet or scary :) . Now that stare is something that I LOVE to get here and there bc it reminds me of that first night hanging out with the boy who'd give me his last name.

This night we went to a new place in Auburn called Bar 51 with fur coats and fun martinis. He told me he loved me the week before, and I had pretended to have fallen asleep during the movie bc I didn't have the answer he probably wanted. This night I told him I felt the same. I think it made him happy to know I liked him too after getting silence the week before.
First football game together. I bought him a dog, Flex, who I never realized would turn into a slobbering mess who has to home hop bc of his terrible behavior...oh Texer flex we love you but you are high maintenance!
First Halloween....we shared a cookie!
Our first Valentine's Day was so special! H2 surprised me with Ice Skating in Montgomery after a fabulous meal! We even got to get an Icee and a double doozie Mrs. Field's Cookie (MY FAVORITE!!!!)
First Spring Break trip to Seaside.....such fun!

My many emotions that day!
May 25th, 2008 we were engaged....He proposed after I had gotten into bed at his family's house. These crazy all out proposals blow my mind simply bc I cant imagine anything better than the intimate moment we shared with no one else on the Earth knowing what was happening :) It was our little secret!
Tattoo's of each other's signatures on the wrist. Smart move? probably thing I ever did? nah.....makes me smile a billion times a day? YES
WORST thanksgiving EVER! haha..Joey and that poor deviated septum. HE STILL has trouble with it ....dumb old Doctor making things worse....I hope this is the first and LAST surgery I have to experience with him
Engagement pics by Kellen Jacob him and his wife....they made our wedding something we will always have such fond memories of

Joey graduated!!! and the wedding was getting close! He graduated, we moved, then we were married 3 months later! Such a huge/amazing transition!
First wedding party @ Lori & Dave's. We were "exploding" as we do over the excitement of our new toaster from Laurie Anne and Haley
Stock the Bar party from all the boys & Shelley. Fun night with our friends :)
The rehearsal. This is my Bible teacher from High School...he taught me 4 years and means the world to me!
Me & Mr. Jones....headed to the limo so I could be sick with the stomach that
bye bye house....Thank you Mr. & Mrs. House for allowing us to use your home......couldn't have been more beautiful!

Honeymoon in Mexico...Fall tradition...Jones family trip to the pumpkin patch with the little girls...we had a blast but it was FREEZING and sprinkling

Christmas tradition number one....Tree farm with the Sheppard side. We hated throwing away that tree AND vacuuming the leftovers it gave us...for DAYS
First New Years Eve KISS :) HAPPY 2010 baby!
Thank you for part of 2007, all of 2008 and 2009, & thank you for the years to come. The Lord blessed me when he placed you in my life & there isn't one day that goes by that I don't thank Him for the blessing of your life. I love you to the moon Mr. Jones*

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