Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I've been a bad, bad girl


Joey's birthday is next month (the day before Valentine's poor thing) & each year I think it gets put further behind that holiday than it should. Year one together, I got him a Deisel watch which he wears constantly, so it was a good one. The next I got him .. hmm let me think .. ugh I can't remember! I would go look on facebook to check out the pics from that time to refresh my memory, but I'm fasting from that little devil in disguise for 21 days so I'm unable to remember...which should tell us both something about the gift. I'm good at gifts, but I'm slacking I think. Not that love is measured by what we give one another, but if it was, Joey loves me a lot more than I love him!

I made a purchase today. Probably the biggest of my adult life, with my own money, and I will be paying for this birthday most likely until his 25th, but that's okay....

He's totally worth it

(Joey, your birthday comes on January 13th this year.....a whole month early.....exactly, but you'll see why tomorrow I suppose. I love you !!!)

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paula said...

I want to know badly! such suspense.