Thursday, January 21, 2010

John Mayer just left my pedestal.....

Well, It's official....throughout the past few years I have noticed his narcassistic ways only growing worse, but I had high hopes that the boy from "your body is a wonderland" days would return to me. I love music, and I try and look at it as just that and not the person singing it so much. His lyrics are genious and his play on words leaves me speechless, but after reading my daily does of perezhilton (who I only read for the celeb gossip and not his ugly/trashy add-ons) I realzed that he is an egocentric donkey who honestly has taken things so far that i've had to remove his music from it's place in my top 10

John, when you think you're so great and amazing yourself, it only makes you look worse...I can think of a few folks who could learn something from this...Aspyn included (she's very conceited you know).

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