Thursday, January 14, 2010

Aspyn's five!

You are the sunshine in my life

This is my guilty tribute to Aspyn Sheppard Jones (or Trudy as she likes to be called now with the new last name) for her 5th (35th in dog years...which is the new 20s!) birthday that her father and I forgot January 11th! Terrible people we are.
Somehow you have found a way for the past 5 years to make coming home my favorite part of the day

you steal the spotlight in almost everything I do, but it's clear to see you're the most photogenic, and you look better in pink I might add Kellen Jacob Photography

You had his heart from the moment he met you, and every day you two get a little closer which melts mine to be honest.......look at you two :) Daddy looks like an underwear model and you look like a little stuffed Grimlin. PRECIOUS

You never did like a bath

But you always found time to help me text daddy while we waited on him to come home & play

Daddy finds the perfect ways to bundle you up on the couch before we leave for work...leaving you looking like a fluffy eskimo

& the nicknames for you are endless!!! First, aspyn turned into pyn....then pynnels....then we met Daddy and he called you trynnels...then the TRENSTELNATOR (in his super cool (WEIRD) voice).....followed by tynnels of the World/Nation/Birmingham whatever he feels like that day.....but none of your many names could be best described by this photo other than when we call you Cockatoo!

You liked clothes more as a baby, but you were and are always such a sport when I purchase your Christmas P.Js each year

Thanks for being the best cuddle bug ever
(where did all this white hair come from? you were black and brown with a little white snout when you were a baby...I need to dig up those pics!)

And the best kind of friend a girl could have...

a friend who listens to you constantly and never talks about herself!

HAppy 5th birthday Cockatoo! I love you

disclosure: yes, I know she is a dog, but you obviously haven't met Trudy Jones.....she doesn't know that she is, in fact, an we don't force it on her......

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