Sunday, February 14, 2010

24 goin' on 12.....

Well, this weekend wasn't just Valentine's Day for the Jones home, it was the officially birthday of Mr. Jones. This calls for quite the celebration if you ask me. The sad part, is that he has been studying through most of it. His Series 7 exam is Tuesday and we sure would appreciate everyone's prayers for a perfect recall of all of his hard studying.

First birthday stop was Friday night to see Casting Crowns! We had such a fun time praising the Lord & having a fun date night where we even got to sit with his Aunt Robyn to help celebrate her birthday too!
Great seats!
These guys sound just as amazing live which is something I love to hear!
Birthday morning breakfast request was bacon & eggs (I HATE cooking bacon, hence the scar on my foot from last time)
Along with 2 huge fluffy waffles! This little lady, we'll call her Angel, makes the BEST waffles on this Planet.....and is SOOOO easy to use! I think you can get one at Bed Bath & Beyond. It was one of our favorite wedding gifts!
You top the waffle off with some heart shaped butter of course!
And add a yummy syrup to these golden brown fluffs of goodness...YUM
That night we met some great friends for dinner @ Cocina Superior and had a wonderful meal followed by chocolate cake from Edgars
Check out his face while i light all those darn candles!
Happy Birthday my love
I'm so sorry it had to end, but there's always next year!

To my Joey,
Thank you for being born! I never knew how much fun life could be until I met you, and bc of that, each day is a new adventure! Thank you for loving Christ first and being the leader of our family that makes our love so strong. I simply cannot wait to see you succeed in your new journey as a financial advisor, to help you build our first home together, and to be a father to our future children. You have magic inside your fingertips just like our song says and each day with you is more special than the last. Happy birthday and Happy Valentine's day. I love you to the moon & back!

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paula said...

happy Birthday Joey!