Monday, February 15, 2010

Parmesan Crusted Tilapia = Happy Husband

One of Joey's favorite meals was our supper tonight, and since his test is tomorrow, we figured some brain food was in order. This tilapia recipe is a hit every time, and if you need something to cook for that special someone, or even to wow a few dinner guests, it's the way to go! In 15 minutes you have a wonderful meal. Friends always call the next day for the recipe and are happy to report that it's as easy as I promised to make.

First, you really need to get some fresh tilapia. Publix always has great deals, and really nice filets for this recipe
Then you'll need these ingredients + tabasco sauce I forgot to have out! I use low fat versions, but of course it always tastes better to use the real deal.....
I don't know exactly how much of each ingredient I use, but it looks like this when you combine the lemon juice, mayo, and butter......(butter on left and mayo on right) ps: i HATE mayo, but you can't taste it believe it or not
add 3/4 to a cup of parmesan cheese (up to you) and mix together with some fresh pepper and a dash of tabasco sauce
spread it generously across the top of your fish and top with a few pieces of asparagus (if you like that) or basil with fresh grated pepper and a squeeze of some fresh lemon
broil on normal for about 10-15 minutes and take it out when it turns a nice golden brown on top like this :) yummmm
Joey is full, his brain is ready for his test, and we had yet another yummy dinner together. Try it out! I promise you'll be glad (not as glad as your hubs) you did.
We would appreciate everyone's prayers tomorrow for Joey's test. It begins at 8am and lasts 6 hours. He will know his results immediately which is a scary thing! We know that the Lord has His hands on Joey tomorrow and are trusting in His perfect plan for our lives. Enjoy your Tuesday and drive safe if you're in Alabama....this snow is starting again in Birmingham and icy roads are never fun~

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Elaine said...

yum! i am trying this very soon! good luck to joey!