Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Family Dinner

Tonight my mom treated Joey to an early Birthday dinner since we will be out with friends the night of his actually Birthday. We had a lot of fun hanging out and relaxing with good food and yummy cake
How handsome is he? Robbing the cradle is the way to go ;)
Coffee and dessert always make for fun know, the type where my father reveals to us both that my mom made her way through 16 ice cream cones in 3 days! GEEZE! Skinny people who eat everything under the sun kill me
He is smitten with Joey.....It's rather sad how excited he is to finally have a son. They talked cars the whole night
and Joey smiled at my dad's proposition to purchase him a Porche next Christmas. haha he wishes!
Aspyn never gets too thrilled to visit mimi and papi bc Evie makes her mad
Lula is nice to her
But this one is a little butt & has to have all of the attention
Mom makes a strawberry cake that makes Edgar's taste like a lame excuse for the real deal (that's a good thing bc Edgars strawberry cakes have always been our favorites)
Almost all of them, but missing one....according to my dad that's BAD
We had so much fun & I can't wait to celebrate his bday Saturday night with our friends! His parents had us over Sunday evening for a celebration too, so he's getting 3 meals and bday nights out of this year :) Not so shabby.
Goodnight everyone!

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