Tuesday, February 9, 2010

DIY nightmare

So, I haven't had the guts to inform my husband of this, but I really, really, really want a new bed.....and the one I want is 3500.00 SO I have been toying with the idea of a DIY headboard. Joey, handsome as he may be, is handy in specific fields. One of those is NOT woodwork/construction. He can lay hardwoods BEAUTIFULLY and paint like none other, but I'd be worried to spend money on materials when it might not turn out right.....then I'm out money AND a headboard!

i love this headboard...even the color, but Joey would protest to that part, so I'd do something more neutral (as usual). I like that its velvet, and such a tall one to extend the height of the room. Now the spread and the dog I could do without, but the mirrors are pretty!
Have any of you ever attempted this? Am I in over my head with this one?


Anonymous said...

Saw them do something like this the other day on HGTV. It looked simple.... Jason said he could help when I showed it to him!

paula said...

I made one. so easy, but I didn't do the tufting. You can see it when you all come to dinner soon.