Monday, February 1, 2010

Introducing my friend, CATTA

Allow me to introduce you to my buddy Carter ...

She has been my good friend since the 5th grade & somehow has always managed to stick around and make my life a little more meaningful....

this is us about to go to our "millennium party"....i honestly am not sure what either of us were thinking, but I believe we thought we were hot stuff that night
her heart is the kind that fights hard and forgives even harder. I have never had more intense fights with anyone in my life, but I've also never had someone more honest and meaningful in my life than her. Only true friends can act like sisters....and trust me, we do!
she always tagged along with me on those trips that I insisted on taking ..... you know, the ones in her mothers car across town making us late for curfew, knowing she'd be dead meat.....

hey carter: It sucks to be yooouuuuuuuuuu.......
wow! we were soooooo sexy! Homecoming! haha......where did chokers run off to?
Science class with Mr. Eubanks....remember him?
thanks for being by my side through everything, and especially on my wedding day. Even though I felt sick as a dog, you took care of me and helped me get through the important moments of the day. Not to mention you took SOOO many pics for me to have to remember that day by! I love you!
you will always be a goofball and remind me how to let my guard down......thank you for always helping me create lifelong memories and reminding me of the important things in life.
our dogs are even the same!
This one cracks me up every time! Aspyn was Mary and George was E.T

Now you've found a man who treasures the same things about you that I do & I couldn't have hand picked a better one to spend his life with you. He's a lucky guy! I heard this song the other day and thought of my marriage. This is my prayer for yours!