Sunday, January 31, 2010

Such Fun!

Well Saturday night @ the Pointe Ball turned out to be an amazing night! I didn't end up wearing Amanda's dress (as you can see) but Joey DID manage to be the best looking man there (as usual)

We had the best time hanging out with my parents...who looked stunning by the way! They clean up nice ;)
Everything looked beautiful & seemed to be having an amazing time! The band was awesome! Our wedding band usually does the show, so we were sad they weren't there to say hello
He melts my heart
We had so much fun together & laughed & danced the entire night
mom & her work friends! They all looked gorgeous didn't they?
I'll leave you with a video Joey captured of my dad & I dancing, which I thought was so cute! The crazy lady? Well, not sure where she came from but she was my biggest fan all night. I think she wanted to be my new best friend! haha......she liked the cosmos I think!

ps: that's my mom shaking it in front of MOTHER who btw might possibly be the most conservative chick around.....such a good time!

I'm back on fb, but to be honest, I don't think I'll be spending quite as much time there anymore. (5000 times a day to more like twice haha)I guess God showed me where I should spend my time & I'd rather spend it with Him. Happy Sunday everyone! Go kiss your hubby, play with your kiddos, & watch Desperate Housewives for goodness sakes! haha

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