Monday, February 8, 2010

Keeping it simple this year

Ahhhhh....the love month is here & I have to say I am guilty of loving every minute of the "commercialized" holiday. No, I don't need the day for me and my husband to show each other how we feel, but it's an excuse to lay it on thick and be a little cheesier than normal....and well, it's fun :)

Flowers are the first necessity. They aren't a huge deal, and yes, they are definately cliche, but imagine a valentine's day without them! Joey got me these our first Valentine's together & will probably never be able to top them. The colors were amazing! The photo doesn't do them justice.
And he had this spelled out in my kitchen in Auburn when we got home from dinner.
This year we've decided to stay in. I'm not sure what we'll do (since Joey says to leave that part up to him) but our apartment does NOT set a mood quite like this!
But if we COULD stay somewhere amazing like that for the night, I'd hope to snack on something yummy and chocolatey like this! These look amazing

And a valentine's day just can't go by without eating a yellow "chalk heart" as I call them. No, they don't taste good, but the yellow are manageable, so I insist on eating one a year to keep up the tradition. Plus, they're timeless
We sent out Valentine's this year to a few friends, but i wish we'd have thought to do something as clever as this! I never knew you could make photo stamps as cute as these!
And the night should aways end with a bubble bath........

What are you and your love doing for Valentine's?

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