Tuesday, February 23, 2010

splish splash

If there is one thing I love, it's my bath time (aproximately 8pm each night if Joey isn't in there already). I grew up with a HUGE, I mean HUGE whirlpool tub, then moved to Auburn where I had a house with another HUGE tub to enjoy.

Once you graduate, get married, and move on....your tubs begin to look a lot like this.... (not my apartment, but just as shallow as ours none the less) I call it my "canoe" to Joey because I feel like I could paddle away with how shallaw the water is :(

A nice large soaking tub like this would DEFINATELY do the trick!

This way, the water could at least reach my shoulders, keeping my upper half from freezing to death

If this were my bathroom, I promise you I'd be the cleanest gal around. I would squeak every time you hugged me
And if Joey really loves me, when we build our first home he'll let me have my very own bathroom like this done by Candace Olson on an episode of her show. We all know I love me some blue!
I hope he financially advises me that this is a good choice ;)
Update: feeling better....no earring :(

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