Monday, February 22, 2010

Mexican bowling

This past weekend (before the stomach virus crept up) we had a night of "Mexican Bowling" with the best in-laws around :) We ate at Pablos (yummmm) then headed to Brunswick on 280 for some super cool cosmic bowling.

These two make quite a fun double date night!
Joey is soooooo his favorite :) haha
One of my best friends!!! She is so good to me :) and we made a killer team if ya ask me
yes, this is my STRIKE face......I'm not proud of it, but after seeing how Renee captured the moment perfectly, I figured I should share it
my hubs....6 months ago today we were married :) time flies!

He THINKS he's an amazing bowler, and at times he is, but this night he sucked it up....and I couldn't have been happier that his whole "spin" approach let me woop his tail the first game
Great butt hugh? haha
time to go was getting late, and I was sleepy from kicking his butt
this one sums us up perfectly
last game....i think this is my "please hit them all" pose....somehow people move thinking it will affect the ball....why do we do this? haha

This fun was followed by a day wallowing in bed and wondering if I'll ever find my earring....
update: nowhere in sight :( still praying....that's them in my ears :( woe is me
night everyone!

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paula said...

love this family!