Thursday, March 11, 2010

The best kind of friend

Tonight Joey, my dad, and me took my beautiful mother to Cocina Superior for her birthday dinner to celebrate her reversal birthday (she grows younger each's the new thing ya know!)

She is such a beautiful woman, but when you get to know her, her beauty only multiplies after a glimpse of what she is carrying inside. She honestly loves Christ with her entire being and has shown me what I can only hope to become as a wife, mother, and child of God. Simply put, she is amazing
We loved celebrating with those two, and as always, parent date night was a success!
These two are just as sweet to one another as they were when I was little. I hope to have learned how to have a successful marriage from them. Whether they are dancing to music on the ipod in their kitchen, or writing sweet notes with squiggly men carrying balloons (dad), they are truly an example of a love that never grows old
We spent the evening discussing important matters of marriage, such as Joey leaving hangers on the kitchen island, and my poor driving know, the serious things in life...
This is them during that time in life...the newlywed era....ahhhh
Her newlywed figure was a bit more svelte than mine...but she credits that to fudge pops and cambells chicken noodle...the meal of champions....
Just riding in dad's stingray corvette, letting the wind blow past her super cool frames
and taking a moment to let my dad snap a pic of her looking POSING for him
Momma, this man has loved you from the beginning, and I hope you know how blessed we all are to have you in our lives.

You raised both Amanda and me to value the things in life that we can take with us after our short time here, and I am so grateful each and every day for the lessons you taught me and for your faithfulness to our Savior. Because of you, I always knew what to do to grow closer to Him, and when I gave up my "self" to become His friend, I had you to thank for the strong foundation I had to allow that to happen.
You never strived to be my best friend, it wasn't important to you. You knew that the Lord would hold you strongly accountable one day for the way you raised me, and in doing so, you became the best friend a daughter could ask for. I KNOW your heart and where your treasure lies, and could not ask for anything more.
I love you momma. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful/amazing/God fearing/faithful/wonderful woman I've ever known. I will NEVER threaten you with the mommy market again.

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paula said...

happy birthday to your sweet mama. she will always be so gorgeous.