Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Library Love

I've been pondering adding one of these to the home in my head....
It's growing day by day, but I feel that a library is necessary if the kids in my head are going to follow the future I have pre-planned for them (Neurosurgeons who will lovingly care for their super cool parents)

Floor to ceiling books are so beautiful

and adding a curtain, while not necessary in my book (no pun intended..sorry, i had to) would be nice if you needed to draw them to create a cleaner look for certain occasions.
While a loft is better for the single lady or gent, I still have much appreciation for the spaces. This was an awesome idea...just stick it up high, out of the way, and enjoy a space I would most likely use when Joey is singing and dancing in the mornings.

i LOVE LOVE LOVE shelving that borders a doorway. Such a great use of space and even better to look at
This reminds me of a space to put in the lake house in my head. Not suitable for the beach house, but perfect for the weekends we head that way simply to relax and cook out with friends and family.

Images via

Metropolitan Home

Jamie Meares

Modern Stainless Ladders

These house(S) in my head are so great, right?

Happy hump day....

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