Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Double Date

This past weekend, we had a date night with my parents @ the Alabama Theatre to see Harry Connick, Jr.

Let me just say, the man was good looking before, but when he sings, well....he gets even better looking :) (Joey even admitted that he had some charm)

We were so excited until we realized who was going to be sitting in front of us the entire time! The one group at that whole place that was TANKED had seats in front of dad and me...AWFUL

Mom & Dad make for a pretty fun date night! Until Denise had to turn in early for work the next day (yawn)

It was pretty darn cold, but we had such an amazing time! Glad we got this picture momma :)
It's funny how you avoid these people the majority of your childhood, then CHOOSE to hang out with them as an adult......and you actually enjoy yourself :) Love you guys & I am SO glad you chose us to be your double date!

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