Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How we spent our Easter

Our Easter started off with a visit from the bunny (we haven't grown out of this one yet). My basket was a crock pot (i've wanted one for quite some time) full off tons of goodies that I loved digging in to! Joey's was full of treats as well, and to everyone's surprise, Joey..i mean the BUNNY left Aspyn a treat basket too! treats, a new leash for our walks, and some yummy bones that were just her size! Did I mention the wet food seen up front? She gets it all over her beard, and we never let her have it, but boy does she love it!
We painted Easter eggs to the best of our ability
Proving that our "ability" wasn't as high as we'd hoped
Ferguson lunch at Mamaw and Papaw's house.....full of good food to influence another diet session. (Thanks Robyn for the homemade mac and cheese! geeze)
After Pinson, we headed to Chelsea to have some Sheppard family time by the pool @ Aunt Donna's house. The weather was absolutely amazing!
We enjoyed catching up and chatting with my family while my cousin Troy (did I mention he's Greek AND a chef?) made us lamb, asparagus salad (with feta yuuummmm) & scalloped potatoes. I was STUFFED after this day for sure.

How gorgeous is my mother with hardly any makeup on? I don't look this young without it!!!!

PS: don't think we're heathens...we went to church but we went to the Easter service held Saturday night to avoid the traffic/clutter of Sunday morning.

Hope your Easters were fabulous!!!!

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