Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2 to make up for the absence

So, I realize that i've been slacking in the blog department, but I recently realized that I was spreading my time a bit too thin. Work, home to cook dinner, exercise (if I can), followed by cleaning house, laundry, and now I'm working on something on the side so I'm even busier than ever. With the absence has come a few complaints/requests for new recipes, so I took some pics of what I made the past two nights to share some ideas.


Remember the Cajun Shrimp Pasta recipe? Well, this is a super easy spin on it if you're wanting that flavor with a lower fat content and less time in the kitchen.

Season your shrimp. Then sear on both sides on medium heat until pink. Add 1-2 Tablespoons of Alfredo sauce and turn off heat. Coat the shrimp in the sauce and put to the side.
Get your fresh bread ready to the side while it sits in the seasoning, and go ahead and spray your panini maker (I'm thinking you'll need this or maybe a george foreman MAY work...) with some pam
gut some Roma tomatoes and lay them on a tray (this is my pampered chef thingie....yes, that's the proper term) and stick in the oven just to soften them up a bit
get two cloves of garlic (about this size) & put them to the side (store your garlic in the fridge and it lasts longer & peels much easier!)
Next, it's time to stack things up. Go ahead and turn your panini maker on, lay the bread flat, and top with shrimp evenly, followed by tomato, and light mozzerella cheese & a leaf of fresh basil. Add the top bread now to the sandwich and close that lovely panini maker
My mom recently introduced me to something that I'm obsessed with. Take that garlic from earlier, and cut hotdog ways (I know) and rub it on the paninis when they come off the grill and are hot. The flavor spreads on like butter to the bread without any lumps! Great hit for garlic bread fresh out of the oven as well......

Now that you're done, add a nice light salad to the side and make your hubs smile :) This was our "before Bible study" meal bc we never have time for me to cook a detailed meal, and we were craving some cajun flavor.
Bon Appetite! xxx

PART II: Pan Fried Tilapia with garlic butter sauce...

toss your fillets with about 2 tablespoons of flour and some seafood seasoning (you can make your own like I showed you how to make the cajun kind, only leave out the cayenne pepper for this one). Add about a teaspoon of salt and 5 turns of fresh ground pepper and toss lightly.
While you sear these on both sides in some light olive oil, chop up a clove of garlic finely and (i like it better without and joey likes it with so this is an option) chop up some Roma tomatoes a place to the side. The tomatoes are an option. I thought they made the fish too acidic but joey liked that. This is your call :)
After the fish is seared, stick it in the oven on about 280-300 degrees just to keep it warm while you whip up your sauce. For the sauce just warm up 2 Tablespoons of butter (I use the "i cant believe its not..." kind) and allow that to melt in a small pan. Add garlic until soft (DONT BURN THIS keep your stove on very low). Once that is done, add fresh chopped parsley ( a few leaves), two huge squeezes of lemon juice, and set to the side. Pour on top of your fish and enjoy!

***if you used tomatoes, add those with the parsley and lemon juice, then pour that mixture onto the fish.

Happy Hump Day!


Haley Graydon said...

um... all of you cooking looks soo yummy and healthy!! Very inspiring!

paula said...

maybe I do want to come eat at your house instead:)