Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Clean Cleaning Room

well, it's that time again. OCD time. Our new laundry leaves much to be desired in my opinion. It's the generic, walk into it from the garage, wire (closet type) shelf across the top of where the washer and dryer will sit proudly. Thanks for the shelf and all, but how about some organization? No one wants to see Aspyn's puppy pads (sorry sweetie), Mr. Jones' dollar tree starch, and my basket of "where the crizap are the mates to these socks!"

After much discussion with my architect (Bill Sheppard aka KILLER) we've decided to do some custom shelving from Ikea's kitchen department to conceal our dirty little secrets and keep things fresh and fun. I want a set of about 3 horizontal cabinets above the washer and dryer meeting a vertical cabinet for the ironing board and a rod for Joey's shirts that need to be ironed. this room was quite the inspiration and shows an even better way to incorporate the ironing board. How simple? Thank goodenss I remembered the wise words of my mother when she told me that the day I ironed his clothes it would eternally be job. I have never ironed one of his shirts (gasp from the Stepford wives). I do, however, do the cooking/cleaning/laundry/grocery shopping/tidying/ so I'm not a total bomb as a housewife I don't think.


We have a nice front load dryer like this one, but our washer didn't live through the move from Auburn. Not having the funds right after our wedding, we went out and bought an inexpensive top loading washer. I feel similar to Wilma Flinstone while using it, but slightly like Mrs. Dave Ramsey for being resourceful all @ once. We plan to replace it soon, and when we do, dad and Joey will be building me a counter across the top for a flat surface for folding and such. I adore the clean look of this space! So fresh...even looks clean :)

inspired by diy

& between the counter and the cabinets, I'd like to add some cubbies as well as wrapping paper rods. Just a custom wrap station for gifts and my photography packaging. What OCD gal wouldn't love that?

Happy Hump Day....we're SO CLOSE

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