Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Headboard Reveal

Well, we've finally finished the headboard & can't wait to sleep under it (at our own risk) tonight. It turned out just how we'd hoped and I'm pretty proud to be quite honest. I have saved receipts along the way to help you all with the cost, but have lost that envelope in the move, so I'll round as best I can for every one. Here's a look at the materials you'll need.

First, borrow a truck and head to Lowe's or Home Depot. Ask for a piece of plywood cut to the dimensions you want. Ours is the largest you can go without having someone extend your fabric as they have a fixed width. We chose 4X5. Take a jigsaw and make a design if you're brave. We kept it simple for the first go round.

Secondly, a beautiful fabric! We went to King Cotton @ Paula's referral and were pretty excited to see all of the gorgeous choices. Our bedding is a deep gray (now looks brown with the side table for Joey we are using until we buy the one I have my eye on) with white sheets and duvet so we chose a fabric that was 29.99/yard and purchased 2 yards.

Lay your fabric on a flat surface, then layer your batting on top. The batting is step number three...
We chose Queen sized batting. I was unable to find foam the width we needed for cushion in town, and being one for instant gratification We bought 2 packs of batting and doubled up of fluff with this instead. You can get this anywhere from Hancock's to Wal Mart. Price? Around 24-26 a pack.
Now lay your plywood on top. Be sure and center it so there is enough batting and fabric to wrap around your board.
Now take a breather like I did with Aspyn. Here comes the boring part
First wrap your batting, pull tightly, and staple.....staple staple staple (this was Mr. Jones' job. I did one row than decided I was "over it" as I say)
YAY! I was proud of the progress
And mad that he has so much trouble working my camera haha
A glance @ the back. Batting stapled, fabric underneath (straight and IRONED...dont forget to iron your fabric bc it's too late once you're done)
And this is Joey's imitation of my mad face. If his imitation is correct I should expect to be totally wrinkled by 30.
Now do the same thing with your fabric. Staple closely (and cleanly as Joey insists....which is funny bc no one will ever see it, but I obeyed). Continue to check your progress to avoid wrinkles and bunching on the surface.
TADA! Phase one complete. The next step is the most important there is.....seriously guys. If you live in Birmingham then forget finding a nailhead trim kit around. Joanne's apparently "carried" them, but never got a shipment in the entire month I called, so I caved and bought some off ebay. French natural is the shade. Just a rusty look rather than shiny silver or gold. The trim was 14.99 with shipping. Just be sure to get some long enough!!
Every 5th nail is hammered into the board. PLEASE buy some chalk and mark where you want the nailhead trim to go. Most people border the edges (very pretty!) but I did mine this way since the bed I loved that was discontinued was done this way. It was the closest I could get to the real deal. Be patient with this step, and you'll be happy with the result. We spend a little under $150.00 and are pretty pleased with the result.
I would love to give advice on how to hang it, but I don't want a lawsuit. We used some major heavy duty hooks for 50 pound portraits and placed them in the studs. Some people opt to add legs with plywood (maybe the better/safer choice).
There's that darn side table I'm ready to replace with something I fell for at 3 sheets. Mr. Jones loves this one so it might be difficult to have him buy me a gift that he has to use and already loves what he has. Wish me luck!
& as Martha Stewart (aka Denise - my decorator) advised, I now need large lamps. She tells me the ONE thing I need, then when I get it I suddenly NEED 50 more things and "They aren't too expensive"....well 50 not too expensives later it gets expensive!
I'm starting a label for our new home and it's renovations/decor as it comes along. Be patient with me, we are still technically living out of boxes for the time being.

Goodnight, Sleep tight


Carter Taunton said...

whatcha makin next? I really want one of those coffee tables Ashley Merriot Made for her house! Do u remember it? She used an old door and it was AMAZING!

Sunny Jones said...

i have an old door, but nope never saw it!

Haley Graydon said...

Headboard turned out GREAT!! I love it! We're going to have to do something like a headboard cause our our bed right how is just too big for our room and honestly I want a different look. I love your new house Sunny!! BEAUTIFUL

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