Monday, August 30, 2010

date overdue

well, tonight mr jones and I will be having a 2 hour date. It's way overdue after all of the moving stress so we decided during our morning kiss goodbye that we'd set the date for tonight. I have lots of wedding photos to edit by Thursday night so I'll go home to work on those for a bit, & hopefully Joey will hang my chandelier in my future office while I do so. I'm so ready to get my desk in there and start organizing things. We have a "media room" aka "what should I put in here?" off of the living room, so my dad and Joey are going to put french doors up and make it my office. I'm pretty excited to work on things at a gorgeous wooden desk rather than in bed with Joey wanting to watch the whole time. Don't know why but I hate being watched when I work on pics or sending emails.

while I edit wedding photos I plan to cook us up a few of these with Bobby Flay's recipe in one of our wedding gift cook books. I'll probably throw in some fresh potatoes from the farmer's market with something green to make us strong :)

And finally, once dinner is finished, we'll head to the bedroom...cuddle up...grab Aspyn & some chocolate milk and watch our new favorite show. We missed the finale so we'll have to use my mac to watch online. It's called Persons Unknown. Anyone ever watched? Apparently it didn't get great reviews, but we have loved it! Here's the trailor to give you an idea of what it's about. I just started watching a few weeks ago so I'm planning to go back and watch the ones I've missed. Don't judge me for content until you've seen them all. Language is as usual, but the violence isn't as it seems. All I can say.

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