Friday, August 27, 2010


Well, I'm compiling a list of the positives & negatives to our new home in shelby county. So far the positives outweigh the negatives 5:1.

Here's one of the 5....tons of fresh veggies grown around town giving me the option to stop by a local farmer's market after work and get some fresh veggies like these! Let me also mention that all of this (and more) was under 9 bucks! You cant even see the huge ears of corn

(excuse the photo quality....blackberry just doesnt quite do it like the Nikon)

Dinner was fabulous! Squash casserole (mom's recipe) corn on the cob, "fried" chicken, potatoes, & fresh tomatoes with mozzerella cheese. I wanted basil on top but I haven't had a chance to plant any....I'm trying here.

Did we eat it all? absolutely not! did we think we could pull it off? ummmm YEAH! No worries though. Now we have great lunches for this work day! Peace out turkey sandwiches, hello aunt jemima.

Happy weekend! Some friends of ours plan to brave the Alabama State Fair tonight. Just a few of the attractions include monkeys riding bikes and a lesson on milking animals. Oh yeah, it gets crazy in Alabama!

I almost forgot to mention that one little negative......pardon me:

My husband informed me yesterday that he had an itch, and discovered a TICK. Yes ladies and gents. When I asked what he did he responded with "ummm put it in a napkin, threw it away, and pretended nothing was happening." Just picture visiting your financial advisor to have him yell "OH MY! A about your investment....." yeah, about that. I'm studying up on "critters" to avoid any further mishaps.


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