Saturday, September 25, 2010

This little light of mine

Well on my last monday off ( a most favorite occasion to have) I visited a few of my favorite home stores in Homewood and found this beauty in At Home. After a 10 minute discussion with myself, I decided that it was absolutely necessary and financially splendid so we left together to head to the ceiling in the master bedroom.

Mr. Jones (quite the electrician) immediately set to work, but the wiring in our house was confusing his brain a bit since it was not something he was familiar with. Replacing a fan with a single light left a few stones "What the heck is this hard box keeping me from screwing the light in?" The box answered him that he was simply a ceiling joist. . .unfortunately we didnt have the tool needed, so hanging was put on hold for a day.
we thought it was funny when the next night there was yet another issue with the wiring. Colors that usually mean one thing were seeming to mean another in this new house of ours
My electrician works in business attire.....

But he'll take off his nice clothes once I tell him that he'll most likely ruin them (as he has in the past)

we watched a little longer....
and waited ever so patiently.....

hopes were high
and after the 18th big reveal attempt, we had light!!!
I couldnt be happier to welcome another step to a complete bedroom into our lives. I promise to show the entire room (its a rather large one which proved to be difficult) as soon as a few more things get completed. New bedside table and a cushion upholstered for our antique prayer bench. I'm also hoping to have an antique bench repaired for the foot of the bed. Can anyone lend me a few hundred to speed this stuff along?
OH! I almost forgot! With some inspiration @ Leslie's and a few pointers from my mom, I painted something for our living room.

Happy Sunday!

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paula said...

LOVE you room and your art. Love doing my own too. Oh and that lantern is on my short list for my dining room :)