Monday, September 27, 2010

Family Fun

The past weekend, Mr. Jones & I rekindled our dating relationships with our parents and made a weekend of family bonding.

Friday night, Leslie & Todd came over as planned for dinner and a round of poker. After stealing oh about 30 chips without the boys noticing, we still managed to lose terribly. Joey & Todd spent most of the evening talking about Todd's latest flight and building different sky scrapers out of their chips......humility at it's best. I had my poker face on, so no photos were captured. I apologize.

Saturday, we headed to Pepper Place market by the Dr. Pepper building downtown and met my parents for a morning of bonding in the midst of antiques and squash.
My lover and I had lots of fun browsing the open shops and deciding which veggies to take home for the week.
& momma loved spending time with her precious prince (gag). she seriously spoils the kid rotten...NEVER am I right, Joey is ALWAYS right...and cute while doing it.

I loved our fun morning together

Our tummies began to growl, so we headed to the Greek Festival to eat some yummy food and listen to some interesting music.....
After a little family trivia I learned that my aunt used to work it every year. Her partners were Greek as well as my cousin Nick. WOOOPHA

War Eagle time cam later that night. We had a yummy mexican dinner with Joey's parents, a neon margarita (the scariest color green you've ever seen), then headed to their house to watch the game.
Meet Flex, something I bought Joey.....never thought I'd marry the kid and end up with a lab. He is moving home when we install a fence....I'm thinking of everything under the sun we need to distract him from this....stay tuned haha.

The tigers won so we headed to Velma's. A kareoke place in Trussville that proved to be just what I'd always heard. Little nasty, slightly redneck, & the perfect spot to have a father/son duet to Journey.

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Sheppard & Mr. and Mrs. Jones for dating us. We enjoy it thoroughly.

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