Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm missing

these girls....

After meeting Joey, I've met a lot of people who have gone from elementary school, to high school, to roomates in college all together without any time apart. Briarwood just wasn't like that. Not that either are bad, just different. We graduated, all went to different schools, & some even traveled the world. But when we DO get together it is such fun.

@ times I even get emotional and start to cry. Carter thought this was hysterical at how sad I was realizing what fun we all have when we finally get together. My tears were genuine, her's evilishly (yes, it CAN be a word) fake. So thank God for weddings! These two crazy kids are tying the knot next month, and I am thrilled @ the opportunity to have everyone back in town for the fun parties. Last Saturday night we celebrated with the first of a few for Laurie Anne and Taylor and had such a fun night! Taylor used to work for the church in Times Square and Laurie Anne, well she rocks. Check out her art work HERE. I feel slightly famous by association since we DID paint in her kitchen at 10. Quite frankly mine was better ;) ...... I'll leave the painting to LAJ.

I'm so thrilled to see what an amazing man you found to spend the rest of your life with. He seems like pure perfection for your soul...
And thank goodness Lauren returned from her new city & home & married life to play with us all. We always end up laughing at the most innapropriate times thanks to her.

We are in the works planning a girl's beach trip to Lauren's beach house after Christmas to simply do the following:
1. eat LOTS of ice cream on the couch
2. order pizza
3. watch Bridget Jones' Diary
4. complain about marriage
5. brag about marriage
6. not miss our husbands
7. then miss our husbands so bad we leave a day early.....sound about right ladies?

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