Thursday, October 7, 2010

If I married an architect....

Growing up with an architect for a dad, I am no stranger to modern furnishings. He always stuck to his Eames chair and Herman Miller decor, but with the track lighting strung across the ceilings, or his crazy rubber band chairs as the only available seating, I quickly grew a taste in the opposite direction.

I learned to dislike the "trying to look modern" feel after seeing it done well for so long, but even with my appreciation for modern done well, it doesn't make me feel anything but stressed. I immediately feel my butt in that rubber band chair, explaining to my father under the hot light of a pendant why my car's rearview mirror is no longer in tact, or flustering my brain trying to explain why I, in fact, NEED that new coat even though he bought me one the prior month. Bottom line, I prefer light, cool colors in warm fabrics that make you feel like snuggling up with a blanket, a dog, and a husband who has just shaved and gargled minty scope only moments before.

Thank goodness Mr. Jones was a blank slate. No personal "this is my style" kinda guy. He simply trusts me to do what I'm working on and in the end is always in awe of how it turns out. Thanks goodness!

HAD I married someone like my father, I think this image I stumbled apon earlier in lonny would have been the perfect compromise between my desire for light, clean spaces and Edwardo's (thats the modern imaginary man I speak of) need for modern crisp clean edges.
come to think of it...we would fight over the rug.........I'm NOT a fan of the rug. I feel like it should come in a package deal with a glass ash tray and a lady named Flo who never married but has a huge selection of cats just roaming around her home. Many of whom she is unaware of.

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