Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Weekend In October

Well things are coming along nicely. I officially got my office desk & as you can see I have ALWAYS loved a little home improvement. (I wear tops these days)
Our weekend was full of fun with family & friends. Friday night we had dinner with out neighbors (who we are so blessed to have) & headed to see a show at workplay. We didn't stay long bc I was POOPED but we enjoyed spending time together none the less.

Saturday morning after a photo shoot we walked to the neighbors' house and watched the tigers (eagles, etc. as aaron points out) kick some La Monroe booty & spent the afternoon on the porch in this absolutely gorgeous weather! Praise Jesus!

And Sunday I spent the evening with this precious little girl. Julie, one of my closest friends, is aunt to this adorable one, and any photo shoot with friends or their family is always fun!

Afterwards, we met my parents at Macaroni grill to drop off a photo disc and wound up staying to eat with them. It was a fun surprise to the closing of our weekend and this man sat by me :) I have adored him my entire life; not for what he gives me but for what he is. When i met Joey I fell in love with him bc he holds the very qualities that my father has shown me throughout life. Patience, strength, & the power to melt me right in his hands. I have some great men in my life!

It's Monday Eve. I'm sorry.......
Please keep my co-worker in your prayers. We will know what stage her cancer is on Tuesday and we are praying for God's favor over her.


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