Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our weekend

This past weekend was just what I needed.......

Family time was of course a major highlight. We had Thanksgiving at our place with my parents this year since Amanda couldn't make it to Alabama this year.
Dad (or mom) taught Joey the proper skills for carving a turkey.....definitely fun to watch
and we ended up sitting down to quite the yummy meal.......
That morning we had lunch @ Mamaw Jones' house where we stuffed our faces before heading to the big white couch.....seems to happen every time!
And on Saturday, we headed to cut down our Christmas tree! I would have brought home 5 if Joey would've let me. I LOVE the smell, look, lights, you name it :)
We quickly got her home and in the living room to get all dressed up for the holidays!

We were pretty proud of our efforts and had a good bit of fun listening to our Christmas classic movies in the background. Nothing beats "A year without a Santa Claus" WOOP!
If only we had the entire month off to adequately celebrate the season!
Happy Christmas Time every one! I am THANKFUL that Thanksgiving is done and I may now be thankful for things like Jesus, family, trees, lights, wrapping paper, giving, food, and everything else lovely all rolled into one.

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