Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Santa Baby

I've decided to compile a wish list so that Santa can see what I'm wanting for Christmas this year. I'm out of stamps, so hopefully this method will prove to be successful as well...

First, I would like to wake up with our annual sausage balls and a hot cup of coffee. Hopefully, my sister will come over shortly after and have a big box filled with this inside.......I desperately need a camera case that's functional without looking like I'm headed to Times Square with my video camera and fanny pack.
And after much searching, I discovered a little brown belt that would make me happy. Santa himself might bring me this, if I'm a very good girl and I don't forget to bake him lots of cookies. (small please)
Shortly after, my mother will appear, with a few of my plates that I was missing from my registry. Because she will bring them that morning, our new tradition of the Jones/Sheppard turkey dinner @ our house will be complete now that every one can have a plate to eat on. Eight is better than six.
& from my husband, I'm hoping to FINALLY acquire one of these puppies. 2 friends of mine have them and I'm thinking I might be missing out. Our wedding photographer actually has one too, and I think I've seen him mention it being one of his favorite gadgets as well. These little guys take instant photos like the Polaroid did for us back in the day. I could have some major fun with one of these! Now to decide which model.....I want pics bigger than just a credit card (which is what some claim to print....) hmmmmm
If my new belt, bag, and camera inspire me....I might finally cave and do what I've discussed for 2 years now....Bangs..............this scares me to DEATH bc it's not like I can undo it if I hate it, but what a fun winter look. We shall see.

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paula said...

You would look so cute with bangs, but really you would look good in a garbage bag. Love the camera bag, super cute. and the camera is our fave new toy!