Thursday, January 20, 2011

Around the house update.....

I've been busy working on one thing at a time, and growing more and more frustrated at the "one at a time" part.....I'm the type who wants it all NOW. Who isn't?

Our most recent purchase was one of my favorites so far! After living with the linen white curtains inherited from my old house, we took the plunge and purchased these charcoal vintage velvet drapes. I couldn't be happier to sleep in our new cave thanks to the light it so lovingly shuts out while we slumber.

My office got the old bedroom curtains. Nope, not happy, however once we stick the third row of frames back (according to Denise, they were "much too high".....I have SO much to learn she says) and I get my new acid splattered cow hide (oh yeah, I'm pretty much stoked about that) then hopefully I'll find it a little less sterile in there. Those darn french doors will cost mucho dinero so I've decided to make myself content with what I have for now. (ps: Dear husband, what an AMAZING way to say happy 2nd anniversary or happy Valentine's, or happy YOU ROCK day.......but I digress.....)

And I've finally decided to officially call one room in the house complete. The guest bath has been a doosy for me to figure out what to do with, so as usual, I kept things white :) Only problem being I'd like to replace the bath rug with a stark white fresh one so that guests can get mud on it and I'll have something to "stress" over. I set myself up for disaster sometimes I think.

And 2 of my favorite things to come home to this evening? Why a handsome man in my kitchen cooking grilled chicken topped with roma tomatoes, feta, and basil. I taught him well :)
And on a totally random side note, how cute is this letter we got in the mail from my brother in law and his lady friend? They gave every one little scratch off lottery tickets from Texas (where they live) attached to the Christmas gifts they brought. Lucky Mr and Mrs Jones scratched off $50.00 :) These crazy kids mailed us the money! We would have TOTALLY kept it....I kid, but not really.

Happy Happy Friday Eve.

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paula said...

girl. your home is looking stunning! LOVE it all. I want to paint too. ha!