Friday, January 21, 2011


Okay....bare with me for a moment while I go off on a random spill about the wall color in our house. Technically, the best choice for the builders. Neutral. I'll take it. However, it has some yellow to it in the bedroom, and I'm not so much loving it. Is paint the most necessary purchase for us right now? nope. BUT I really think a different color in the bedroom would help pull everything together for me. You can see the post below with some photos of it, and it's obvious that the yellow is coming out more and more as we roll along with decorating it. It also has caused some issues picking out fabrics to upholster a cushion for the antique bench.
SO, I'm torn thinking back to my dream room and pondering the possibility of lightening it up with the wall color. Remember THIS?

These are a soft cool gray that would hopefully compliment the shades already in play.

Restoration is selling paints now, so I pulled some samples of their silver/neutral shades and found these. Maybe the top center?

Or the shade, Mediterranean featured in the bottom left.

This one looks an awful lot like the first room now doesn't it? I think I've centered in on what I like.
I guess the next step is a little bit of buttering up Joey for the job, followed by a little saving for the paint. Maybe I can occupy my time with swatches and constant battling in my head whether or not slate truly IS better than Mediterranean.

And while searching for paint shades, I found EXACTLY what I've been looking for. What a shame that they are not featured in a store, but rather in someone else's home. Pity. The prints are beautiful and I adore the frames. Just what I need/WANT
HAPPY WEEKEND! Mr Jones & I plan to have a date @ the gym after work (we slept in....shocker) then head for a dinner date then home for wine and a puzzle. "Wine and a puzzle?" you might ask. Well, our church has 21 days of fasting. I was the bright one who gave up TV. I am reading a LOT of books, analyzing the entire house (hence these posts), and re-organizing every nook and cranny of the house. One week to go. Wish me luck.

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Heather Millington said...

Love everything!!! We bought our paint for our master bedroom and master bath from Restoration and we LOVE it!!!! Cant wait to see the final product!