Monday, January 3, 2011

Easy as ABC


Just thought I'd share a glimpse into design heaven with you all. During our trip to NY to visit my sister, she wanted to take me by a "little" furniture/design store around the corner she thought i'd like. Let me just say my mouth flew open, I began to quiver, and a tear dropped down my cheek. The camera quickly left my purse and all thoughts to the embarrassment of snapping photos in a store quickly left. I love ABC home and I never want to stop. We bumped into Thom Filicia from Queer Eye while there.....kinda cool.

Xx Happy Monday. I'm home sick with a lingering case of Bronchitis that won't leave me. Back to work tomorrow with or without feeling better.


Haley Graydon said...

My mouth would've flown open too!! Store looks AMAZING. Hope you feel better soon!! NO FUN I had bronchitis this past fall and it took oh about 2 months to go away..I didn't catch mine early though. I honestly think I have it right now also.

On some good meds:)
Can't wait to hang with you

paula said...

I dream of going to this shop! jealous ;)