Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring is on my mind

I absolutely can NOT wait for Spring. My skin, my personality, & my hair all hate the winter equally. If only the French doors I want to get installed this spring actually led to an outdoor space like these.....

Via: google images

Happy Friday! Xx

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denise sheppard said...

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Therefore, let me say with all the love in my heart that the beautiful girl that writes this blog is the more than incredible...she is amazing in all that she does!

How can one little package of talent express her passion for all things lovely in so many ways. In case i've never expressed that to is time.

If words on a comment page can deliver the heart of a mother, then I truly hope that this delivered my imeasurable heart felt love. I am so proud of you...a true woman of God in all that you do. I love you!