Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday weekend....

This weekend isn't just Valentine's Day for me and mr Jones, it's a time to celebrate Joey's birthday too! (poor guy ends up buying something for me on his birthday to prepare for Vday......) SOOO I always try and make his birthday extra special
We had our families over for steaks & were so thankful another February birthday baby (Kristen) was able to come visit us! That baby is the love of my life....chatham phoenix brobeck. He is seriously one of the sweetest, smartest babies you'll ever meet.
We hung out for a while and discovered he has the BEST Sunny Bunny impression around! You ask him to do his best bunny and he blinks a few times with more concentration than you've ever seen. Apparently, this is what bunnies do. . . . and they eat rod iron. . . .

Mom made Joey her famous strawberry cake...and I ruined it with blue candles :( Sorry momma!
*!Make a wish!*
Thanks every one for making our night so special! We love you all so very much!!

Dear Mr. Jones, thank you for being born 25 years ago. Thank you for being the little sperm that could ;) I seriously can not picture a life without you in it. I look at you sometimes and seriously wonder how I ever made it through each day before there was you. If I could remember those days, I know that my heart wouldn't feel quite as complete. Thank you for being you, thank you for being my best friend, thank you for SO much love.......thank you for being my "Mr."


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