Friday, May 13, 2011

DIY clutch

I was pretty excited when a spotted a new sewing project over @ The Purl Bee today. I am not usually the type to make a purchase and shove it into the closet unused, but my schedule hasn't allowed me to have much quality time with the new sewing machine. THIS, however, looks like the perfect way to make a fun clutch for nights out with a beautiful fabric I love, but might be a bit bold for home decor.
These fabrics are so beautiful that they COULD be used around my home. I think for my clutch I'll be making something a bit more out of my element and funky. Something to spice up a little black dress.
HAPPY FRIDAY! I'm relaxing this weekend as best as I can in order to prepare myself for the next two Saturdays of shooting weddings - one of out town. Wish me rest ;)


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