Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dear Photograph

My lovely sister, Amanda brought this site to my attention. I have an obsession with photographs. I love seeing them, taking them, editing them......pretty much the coolest thing ever. The fact that we can take a moment in time and freeze it? Well, that's just about the most amazing thing I've witnessed. My  love for photography is especially deep when it comes to vintage photos. This brings it all together if you ask me. Take a vintage photo from yours or someone else's past, bring it the original location the photo was taken, and re-take a photo of the photo! I spent about an hour going through these yesterday, and after a little brain storming, we've decided to take a few from our old family trips to Seaside this July and re-take them. I'll be sure and share them when we get back.

ps: sorry for my disappearing act. Ever heard of Murphey's Law? I've been living it lately. Instead of looking at it with disdain, I've chosen to see what God is doing, and I know it's something great! I just have to be patient and see what all this mess is in His greater plan. 2 jobs, housewife, friend, daughter, car trouble, oh the responsibilities! He wouldn't give them to me if He didn't think I could handle it though......right? Love you guys! Happy Tuesday......


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Anonymous said...

this is the coolest thing ever!!im going to have to try it -kelly