Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Phase one....

And so phase one begins......

Joey has promised me that we will put curtains up FOR GOOD in the house next month (minus the guest bedrooms - they keep IKEA for a bit). This totals to be 10 panels, one extremely long rod, and 2 regulars. OUCH. It's definitely time though, so onward we march :)

To something similar to this in the dining room I hope. One long rod over two. I think it adds so much to a room - especially a dining room).

And while he's feeling handy, maybe just MAYBE we can get him to bust out the paint clothes and give me something in this shade of grey. If he gets tired, he can just keep to the bedroom and bathroom for now. I'll understand.

But if he REALLY loves me - and something tells me my dad would love me enough (inserted for effect/guilt/you name it) he would build me bookshelves like these on the left side of our mantle.

Next stop? Couch, rug, coffee table, & putting one of my mother's handy "hide the huge tv" practices into place. Wish me luck (and pray I find a money tree in the backyard).


images via:
the inspired room
benjamin moore

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