Sunday, November 13, 2011

Time to catch up

As I have promised, I will update this & get back to it........Our world has been spinning pretty quickly over the last few months. We are in a bit of a prayer fast for both those we love and for our own situations. The Lord has been beyond good to us, and we are seeking His will in a few decisions, so if you think to stop and say a quick prayer for us, we would certainly appreciate it.

Now for the catch up time.......

Football season came, and our little booger next door welcomed it with a new jersey. Football season is one of our favorite times as neighbors bc Saturdays are full of the outdoors, cornhole, a happy baby, and lots and lots of food. This guy seems to have enjoyed his first "active" season on duty as an Auburn fan.

We even got a chance to head to the plains for the Miss State game. It was burning up but WONDERFUL to get away. We even sat next to a pro photo bomber (aka Virginia)
Our good friend Michael had his 3oth birthday. There is nothing better than being in a room full of sweet people that we love dearly. They really do make our lives better for knowing them all.
And Halloween was a super special treat since me and rainbow bright (aspyn of course) had the honor of helping Blake with his first true Trick Or Treat! He was the Chick Fil A cow and was the best dressed in the nieghborhood. No one could have made a cuter cow.

Now it's time for Thanksgiving and the Holidays. Photography will slow down and I'll have a bit more time to keep this poor neglected blog up to date. If you haven't purchased your Holiday Cards this year, please keep my friend Cana Grooms in mind. She has some beautiful designs featured on my business' blog & the 10th order placed that mentions sunnyJONESphotography will get their first 25 free! Let me know via email if you'd like to place an order.

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